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In-Sink: The sky’s the limit for roll-up doors

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By Dean Sink , Mickey President

Dean Sink

Dean Sink

I love the story in this issue of The Spirit about the Mickey beverage-style roll-up doors on Milk Bar, a New York City bakery. It?s such a great example of thinking outside the box – literally. An ?application that is very different from the conventional,? is the way that Ada Tolla put it. She?s the founding Principal at LOT-EK, the architectural design studio that came up with the idea. It?s a great lesson for any company that makes any product marketed to any audience.

At Mickey we?re always looking for new markets for our truck bodies and trailers and van bodies. The way we see it is that any company that has to move any type of goods from point A to point B is a Mickey prospect. If we didn?t take that approach we would have never sold a beverage-style body to major battery and propane companies. We would never have become a top van body supplier to the largest rental car company in the U.S., and we would never have modified our equipment to supply the market share leader of ambulance bodies.

Come to think of it, if we never ventured outside of our core business of manufacturing new truck bodies and trailers, today we would not be the only truck body and trailer manufacturer to own and operate a national network of Reconditioning & Service Centers.

If Ada Tolla and her colleagues at LOT-EK were satisfied with designing museums with conventional doors, there wouldn?t be such a unique and interesting bakery like Milk Bar in New York City.

I wonder what?s ?in store? next for the Mickey roll-up door.

Happy reading.

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