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In Sink: The man synonymous with Mickey quality

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By Dean Sink , Mickey President

Dean Sink

Dean Sink

There are 2 stories in this issue of THE MICKEY SPIRIT that are closely related, but you may have to read between the lines. One story is about NWO Beverage, a beer wholesaler in Northwood, OH. Joe Schetz, VP Operations & Finance for NWO, was quoted: ?There really is a major difference in the manufacturing that goes into a Mickey trailer vs. the other guys. Over time, the Mickey trailer holds up better, requires less maintenance. It?s just a better built trailer.?

The other story is about Gene Sikes, who celebrated 50 years with Mickey on August 24, 2016. During much of his time here, Gene ran our manufacturing operation, and he was at the helm when we changed over to all-aluminum construction and ultimately rewrote the industry standard for structural quality and durability of sideload beverage bodies and trailers ? the same type of trailers Joe Schetz was talking about.

I truly believe Mickey would not be where it is today without Gene. He led us into the era of manufacturing automation and computerization and because of that we have been able to stay ahead of our unprecedented sales growth over the past several years, and are well positioned to meet our future growth. I remember when we were making 3 trailers a week, but with our new-found demand, we needed to get that up to 10 per week. When no one else thought it was possible, Gene said, ?Let?s get it done.? Within 3 years we were manufacturing 30 units a week.

In all the years I have known Gene, there has never been any job too small or too big for him. I know that because there is virtually no job in the plant that he has not been responsible for at one time or another.  Whether he was sweeping a floor or managing the entire manufacturing operation, he gave 100% effort because every job was important to him.

There may have been a ?Mickey Way? in the years before Gene arrived at Mickey in 1966, but we didn?t know it. Gene ? through is can-do attitude, his team spirit, his dedication to the customer and to the company ? defined ?The Mickey Way? for all those who came after him and for all of those who will continue to join us.

August 24, 2016 was ?GENE SIKES DAY? here at Mickey. It was a good day.

Happy reading.

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