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In Sink: More Than Just A Tag Line

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By Dean Sink, Mickey President

Dean Sink

Dean Sink

I?ve been doing a lot of traveling this year ? in spite of the weather around the country ? to meet with customers and suppliers. I also attended the National Vending Convention in Chicago in April, where I had the opportunity to talk to dozens of prospects in that industry. Of course everyone wants to talk about their own business ? what they?re doing, how they?re doing, what the business landscape is like. Naturally, I always bring up the subject of how 2014, our 110th year in business, is going to be Mickey?s BEST YEAR EVER. That?s when I really get their attention.

Almost to a person, these people ask me the very same question when I make my claim: ?What are you doing to make this Mickey?s BEST YEAR EVER?? So I tell them.

? We?re hiring the best possible talent across the company ? purchasing, engineering, sales, on the shop floor. We?re bringing in new expertise, new talent, and unique skill sets because we want to do things that we have never done before, and do the things that we have always done better than ever. You can read about 5 of our newest employees in this issue of The Spirit.

? We?re improving the communication process between all of our teams so that everybody knows where we stand in terms of scheduling, production and inventory. We don?t want fire drills and we don?t want to miss deadlines.

? We are updating and/or upgrading all of our marketing materials to ensure that customers understand the full capabilities and product offerings of Mickey Truck Bodies. (By the way, you will be receiving a brief on-line survey from us very soon that will help us better understand your total delivery equipment needs. Please take a few minutes to participate. It?ll be good for both our companies.)

? We?re reaching out to more customers and prospects then ever before with The Mickey Spirit; our new web site (; money-saving email offers on parts and services; and by attending key conventions and conferences.

? We are installing a sophisticated ERP computer system that will allow us to integrate all of our data for greater efficiencies across sales, manufacturing, accounting, purchasing, etc.

I make it very clear to my peers in the industry that ?BEST YEAR EVER? is not merely a Mickey tag line or rallying cry – IT IS A COMMITMENT – and we are taking tangible and actionable steps to keep that commitment.

So now you know what we are doing as a company to help make this Mickey?s ?best year ever.? In future issues of The Mickey Spirit, I will share with you what some of our employees are doing individually to help make this a banner year in terms of safety or quality or efficiency or profitability or any other aspect of our business.

If these ideas are working for us, who knows? Maybe they?ll work for you, too. Enjoy this issue of The Mickey Spirit.

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