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In-Sink: Employees-first make Mickey first

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By Dean Sink , Mickey President

Dean Sink

Dean Sink

If you?ve read all the stories in this issue of The Spirit from top to bottom, you know by now that the overriding theme this month is the Mickey employees. The stories are about how we communicate with them, how we work to provide them with a safe work environment, how we train them, recognize and reward them. There are stories about how our employees interface within our community to make life better for our less fortunate neighbors. There?s a story about an award I won, but that story is not about me; it?s about a young Mickey employee – Jacob Everhart – who is just so grateful and proud to be able to serve his country and still work at Mickey. And were so grateful and proud to have Jacob on the Mickey Team.

We ARE an employee-first company, and that?s not lip service. There?s an article in this issue of The Spirit about Gail Wells, the head of our HR Team for the past 19 years and currently a Mickey VP. Our manufacturing employees call her ?Momma Gail? because of how closely she works with them and how well she knows them. But Gail wants to be even closer to and know even more about our employees, so we created a brand new position that will allow her to do just that ? full time. It is an innovative and creative position and a position I venture to say is unique within the heavy manufacturing industry. It is truly an employee-first position.

We ARE an employee-first company, and that?s a major reason why other companies think of us first when they are in the market for delivery equipment. Great employees make great products.

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