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By Dean Sink , President



As you know, we own property and plants all over the country. We own and operate the most modern and sophisticated manufacturing technology in the world. We are upgrading to an absolute state-of-the-art computer system that will integrate all of our business and personnel data. All of this at a cost of millions of dollars so that we not only maintain, but improve, our position as the world?s most versatile manufacturer of specialized truck bodies and trailers.

However, our most valuable asset always has been, is now, and always will be our employees. They come to work every day, they work safely and efficiently, and they are totally committed to one corporate goal: 100% customer satisfaction. Mickey employees are the reason that 2014 ? our 110th year in business – will be our best year ever.

As good as our workforce is, it?s getting even better. We have made many quality hires this year, across all parts of the company, to meet the growth in our new businesses as well as in our traditional lines. We?re hiring people with skill sets unique to our company, and creating completely new roles and responsibilities for them to fill. Like ?Logistics Manager,? ?S.O.P. Coordinator,? and ?Mickey Way Facilitator,? which we cover in this issue of THE MICKEY SPIRIT. We?re doing things we?ve never done before and going places we?ve never gone before, such as oil and gas drilling sites. We need new expertise to lead the way. Of course, we continue to promote frequently from within because we recognize and reward talent, and we have plenty of that on display throughout our company.

I?ve been here since 1976 and can?t remember a more exciting time within that span. We are entering new industries with tremendous gusto and are growing our traditional businesses at a record pace. We continue to forge great relationships with our customers ? new and old.

At the beginning of 2014 we committed to making this our best year ever, and we are well on the way. The key to this success has been teamwork ? we would not be having this kind of year without an ?all-for-one-and-one-for-all? approach. I see Mickey veterans guiding new employees, who in turn are introducing Mickey veterans to new ideas. The result has been products and services that offer greater benefits to our customers; benefits that help them make more money.

Last month I asked Mickey employees to tell me, in writing, what they are doing to help make this our best year ever. I received some amazing responses which you can read about in this issue of THE SPIRIT and on our web site. The most common theme throughout the responses was that employees want to focus on getting their work done right the first time, so that they could help out in other areas of the team, as needed. To me, that is the cornerstone of The Mickey Way. With this kind of teamwork, I have no doubt we will keep our commitment to making 2014 OUR BEST YEAR EVER.

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