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Data Center trailer for Oil & Gas drillers.

Data Center trailer for Oil & Gas drillers.

You buy all of your sideloading beverage bodies and trailers from Mickey because you know Mickey makes the best sideloading beverage bodies and trailers in the business, and that Mickey offers greater value and better customer service than any other manufacturer serving your industry. If you?re delivering virtually any soft drink, beer or bottled water brand in the U.S., there?s a 70 to 80% chance that you?re loading a Mickey body or trailer every day. In fact, if you are delivering any beverage in any one of 50 countries around the world, you probably know Mickey. 

But do you really know Mickey?

For instance:

So now you know.

Mickey Truck Bodies is the most versatile manufacturer of specialized truck bodies and trailers in the world, with a customer base that reads like a ?who?s who among global brands.? Leading companies across dozens of industries – from beverage to battery, from furniture to fuel, from snack foods to fast foods ? deliver their products in Mickey bodies and trailers.

Our manufacturing approach, which is the same for every type of unit we build, is centered on a unique ?Service Delivery Model? that combines engineering expertise with a century-plus of vehicle manufacturing innovation. The process starts with a clear understanding of the customer?s business objectives and a detailed assessment of the vehicle?s operational environment. We do not employ a ?one-size-fits-all? approach to manufacturing.

Our engineering and manufacturing technology and capabilities enable us to build any product you need today, and to meet your delivery needs as they change or expand in the future. We will always manufacture EVERYTHING you need to handle ALL of your delivery needs.

Visit our web site ? – to learn more about our completely automated manufacturing facilities and equipment, our products and our people.

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