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The original ‘mobile’ messaging

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Dean Sink

Dean Sink

By Dean Sink, Mickey President
I keep reading and hearing about how all the major consumer goods companies and big name retailers are increasingly turning to social media to tout their brands to the masses. The numbers of followers or viewers or ?friends? are staggering, so I?m sure it?s a great strategy. Even Mickey Truck Bodies is participating in the most popular social media formats, and I hope you?ll follow us on Twitter and Facebook and take a look at our video library on YouTube.

But there?s another great opportunity out there for getting your brand in front of millions of existing and potential consumers instantaneously, and probably while they?re within walking distance of a store or restaurant where they can purchase your products. They don?t even need to take out their smart phone or blackberry or set an ?alert? or download an ?app? to receive your ?mobile? message.

I?m talking about your fleet of trucks; your rolling billboards. It?s amazing how far the graphics have come since the days of hand painting. The new vinyl decals seemingly bring your products to life on the highways and side streets around the world, whether it?s a refreshing longneck glass beverage bottle engulfed in ice, or a giant, mouthwatering cookie with the crème center bulging out of the sides.

Of course, life-like graphics won?t get the job done unless they?re impeccably installed ? no creases, no wrinkles, no bubbles, no scratches. At Mickey, we are very fortunate to be working with the best decal installer in this or any business ? McKenzie Enterprises ? which you can read about in this issue of The Spirit. John McKenzie and his brother Steve actually introduced NASCAR to the use of decals instead of paint, and then pioneered the ?full wrap? decal which is now standard on the racing circuit. At one point they were installing decals on 20 of the top NASCAR racing teams.

We make the very best bodies and trailers in the world for the very best brands in the world. It only makes sense we have the very best graphics team in the world.

Enjoy this issue of The Mickey Spirit.

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