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E-Lock Eliminates Weather, Theft Problems

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Attendees at the NBWA show in New Orleans take close up look at working model of Mickey's new E-Lock.

Attendees at the NBWA show in New Orleans take close up look at working model of Mickey’s new E-Lock.

Mickey has introduced an electric locking system for its beverage-style roll-up door that is completely keyless. The automated locking system, which is controlled by a pair of switches mounted within easy reach of the driver?s seat, was designed to eliminate 3 of the biggest problems facing beverage delivery companies: break-ins, frozen locks, and lost keys.

?Our new E-Lock virtually eliminates break-ins and is immune to weather because there is no visible locking device on the outside of the unit,? says Tom Arland, Mickey?s VP Sales, Beverage & Engineered Vehicles. Based on data compiled by Mickey?s beverage customers, the average theft per truck is estimated up to $1,000 per year, so a fleet of 50 trucks equipped with the Mickey E-Lock system could save a wholesaler or distributor $50,000 a year.

Curbside and roadside doors are locked and unlocked separately with the E-Lock system. In addition, a failsafe mechanism keeps doors from locking when they are opened, which protects paint and decals, and indicator lights on the dashboard illuminate when the doors are unlocked. A manual bypass system activates in case of power failure.

Mickey officially debuted the E-Lock system at the annual NBWA convention last month in New Orleans to a crowd of eager prospects. ?Our booth was very busy throughout the day as word of the E-Lock spread,? according to Tom. ?The wholesalers were interested in retrofitting existing units with the automated locking system, as well as in equipping new units. Either way, interest was extremely high. One wholesaler told us that his state offers a Worker?s Compensation program that will fund this type of product, so he plans to reach out to us in a few weeks.?

Juan Corcino, Director of Fleet/Ops for Bronx, NY-based Manhattan Beer Distributors, a diversified marketer of premium beverages in Metro New York, has been testing the E-Lock for a couple of months. ?We have not had a single theft since we started using the auto locks,? he says ?There is no exterior lock to break into. Also, with the new locking system, we no longer worry about the locks freezing in the winter. Theft and weather are 2 of the biggest problems in our market.?

Corcino also likes the fact that with Mickey?s E-Lock, the doors can only be fully opened or fully closed ? ?there?s no half way, so we can?t damage the paint or decals.? Another benefit is that the new locking system does not depend on the truck?s air source for its pressure ? ?it?s all electric. The power comes directly from the battery. Very simple.?

Manhattan Beer has tested Mickey?s E-Lock on two units, and is planning to replace all of its air locks with the new electric system. ?Going forward,? Corcino says, ?all of our new trucks will use the Mickey E-Lock.?

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