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Mickey ‘observes’ new safety program

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Josh Soto

Josh Soto

Employee safety is now and always has been the #1 priority at Mickey, and accordingly has always been a cause for celebration. So when the company went 60 straight days without an accident earlier this year, employees were rewarded with a complimentary breakfast and some high praise from Josh Soto, Environmental, Health & Safety Manager.

However an accident-free stretch of any number of days gives Mickey no reason to rest on its laurels. So while employees were celebrating their most recent safety streak, Josh was rolling out a new behavioral-based program that takes an even more proactive approach to employee and team safety.

People Based Safety (PBS) is a peer-to-peer observation program in which a group of specially-trained team members dedicates 15 minutes per day to observe the working habits of a separate, predetermined team. The observation team will identify at-risk behaviors and consult with the team or team member to resolve the at-risk issue.

?Every month the team leads and managers meet to review the at-risk behaviors and focus on the top 3 issues,? Josh explains. ?The goal of the program is provide a clear understanding of the causes and cures for at-risk conditions and work habits. We?re taking a proactive approach to safety and resolving issues before they become accidents. This is how we are ?keeping a great thing going in 2016? while striving to create world class safety program.?


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