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In-Sink: It’s All About the People

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Dean Sink

Dean Sink

By Dean Sink, Mickey President
I look for a common thread in every issue of our newsletter ? a thought or idea or theme within the stories that connect to the culture, or ?spirit,? we try to nurture here at Mickey. (I guess that?s why we call our newsletter THE MICKEY SPIRIT.)

It didn?t take me long to see the common denominator in this issue ? and that?s the quality of people that work here. Take, for example, Richard Stamey, the Lead Man on our Beverage Body & Trailer line, who was recently singled out by one of our suppliers for going ?above and beyond? on a new equipment installation. The vendor?s rep who worked with Richard on this project told us that he ?never experienced a production employee who was as eager to learn ? and become a more valued employee.? It?s clear to me that Richard is doing his part to take Mickey from ?good to great.?

Then there?s Josh Soto, who in addition to always looking for ways to make Mickey a safer place to work, is sharing his passion with our community at large, particularly school-aged children. Josh, Mickey?s Environmental, Health & Safety Manager, is donating his time working with The Dream Center, a program dedicated to helping under-resourced boys and girls understand their career opportunities. Of course he is focusing his teaching efforts on the area most near and dear to him ? workplace safety ? and as you will read in this issue of THE SPRIT, we may have a whole new generation of safety professionals ready when we need them.

On the subject of good people doing good things, be sure to read the story about AEV founder Ed Bauman in this issue. Ed was never a Mickey employee but he has always been a loyal Mickey supporter. AEV is one of our largest customers today in large part because Ed showed great confidence in our people and products from the day he started the company in 1990. We continue to earn that loyalty with every body we build for AEV?s current leadership. AEV has named a building after Ed. He deserves it.

There are three more names I?d like to mention before I sign off. Billy Goodman, Wayne Hamilton and Erin Corns. They are all new Mickey employees and you can read more about them in this issue of THE SPIRIT. I want to wish them all good luck.

Happy reading.

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