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In Sink: Happy employees + happy customers = happy days

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By Dean Sink , Mickey President

Dean Sink

Dean Sink

I?ve always enjoyed writing this column for The Mickey Spirit because it gives me the chance to reflect, or sometimes to vent, and fortunately plenty of opportunity to praise. Depending on whether I am reflecting, venting or praising, I must admit that some columns are easier to write than others. This column was very easy to write because it?s not about reflecting, venting or praising. It?s just about people being ?happy.?

As you will read, all the stories in this issue of The Spirit are about happy people in happy places. In the AmeriGas story, Jay Massey, Corporate Fleet Vehicle Manager for AmeriGas Propane, is ?happy? to have a ?strategic partner? like Mickey to collaborate with on new ideas and designs. That successful collaboration was evident in the prototype side load body AmeriGas is currently testing in Harrisburg, IL.

In the story on three of our up-and-coming employees ? Susan Chester, Cyndi Kinley and Heather Mackie ? you?ll find that they have several things in common, not the least of which is their desire, dedication and determination to advance and succeed in their careers. On top of that, they are all very ?happy? with the opportunities they have been given to grow and prosper here at Mickey.

And what about Matt Sink, our new VP of Manufacturing. Here?s what he says about his job. ?I love what I do. I love getting up in the mornings and coming to work. In fact, I love Mondays.? Do you think he?s not ?happy??

Finally, I give you Willie Brown. We just celebrated Willie?s 40th year at Mickey and although he?s working on our scheduling team these days, over the past four decades he?s worked in most parts of the company, including but not limited to beverage; van bodies; reconditioning; safety; QC; and warranty. He actually started out as a welder, and this goes to back when we were still using steel!

Willie was also one of our first Customer Service Field Reps, and it was not unusual for me to get a personal phone call from a customer who just wanted to tell me how much they valued Willie?s effort and professionalism. He was a true pioneer of the modern day ?Mickey Way.?

Willie says once he started here at Mickey, he was determined never to leave. ?There were a lot of companies around here that I could have gone to work for. But they?ve all come and gone. Mickey is still here and they have always treated me well. I?m happy I hung around.?

?Happy.? There?s that word again. ?Happy? reading.

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