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In-Sink: A line-up change that makes the whole team stronger

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By Dean Sink, Mickey President

Dean Sink

If you have followed the In-Sink column at all over the past 5 years you know I like to use baseball metaphors in a business context. So, allow me one more here, especially with the Fall Classic only a couple weeks away.

For the past several years Mickey Truck Bodies has been ?hitting it out of the park.? We have consistently posted record performances across the board, including safety (410 straight days without a lost-time accident); sales, product quality and production. We have expanded geographically with our plant acquisition in PA, and organically with our new liftgate installation facility in High Point. We?ve grown to a record high head count. We have introduced many new innovative features on our delivery equipment. Not all our swings result in home runs; we also hit singles, double and triples. The point is, we have a very high batting average.

From the shop floor to the executive offices we have assembled the best team in the truck body and trailer business. We are strong at every position, and we keep building on our strengths. A good example of this is Mike Tucker. If you started reading this issue of The Spirit at the top, you know that on January 1, 2019 Mike will succeed me as President & CEO of Mickey Truck Bodies. He?ll be the first-ever non-family member in the 114-year history of this family-owned company to hold these titles, and if things go according to plan, he?ll be the best because at Mickey, we don?t move backwards or sideways, we only go forward.

With Mike running the day-to-day operations at Mickey Truck Bodies, Carl, Matt, Greg, Noel and myself will be better to able to explore and expand opportunities for the long-term growth of all the Mickey holdings. Think of it like this: We?re changing the line-up card a little to make sure we have the right players in the right positions. We?re loaded with talent on this team.

Happy reading.

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