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In-Sink 2.0: Built to last … and then some

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Matt Sink

By Matt Sink, CEO
For as long as I can remember, the Mickey tag line – our claim to fame ? has been ?Designed to work. Built to last.?

I?m reminded of the truth in that statement every time I hear a story about how one of our units is given a completely new life many years after it?s been retired from its original purpose. In this issue of The Mickey Spirit, for example, you can read about a 2001 Mickey ambulance body with almost 500,000 miles that?s being converted into a camper that its new owners will use to tour the country. According to the new owner, ?The quality of construction ? will make for a great topic for campground conversation in the Rockies.?

On another occasion, a 25-year-old 16-bay Mickey trailer was completely overhauled into a customized, fully functioning, multi-purpose Fire & Rescue vehicle designed to carry the equipment required for any type of emergency. The converted trailer includes custom shelving, ramps for loading and unloading equipment into the bays, fabricated slide-out panels, swing-out style doors and a rear bumper with three built in steps. Click HERE to read about that one.

And did you hear the one about a 13-year-old Mickey beer trailer that was turned into a mobile food pantry? In the first year of its new life the rolling market distributed over 200,000 pounds of food to 7,500 households. Read about that one HERE.

Here?s another one, also about a ?retired? Mickey ambulance body. This particular unit was converted to a Mobile Library complete with custom bookshelves in the form of rolling carts that can be detached and used outside of the vehicle. It as an awning on the passenger side for shelter. The book mobile targets neighborhoods where children have little access to books and libraries. HERE?s that story.

All these stories, and many others just like them, are proof of the build quality and durability of original Mickey equipment. Maybe we should change our tag line to read: ?Designed to work. Built to last ? more than one lifetime.?

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