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3 ‘Ds’ keep these 3 on fast track at Mickey

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From top: Heather Mackie, Cyndi Kinley and Susan Chester.

From top: Heather Mackie, Cyndi Kinley and Susan Chester.

Susan Chester, Cyndi Kinley and Heather Mackie all work for Mickey Truck Bodies in the company?s High Point, NC headquarters. But they have more in common than just that. For one, they all started or spent time at the receptionist?s desk in the front lobby. For another, all three have grown in their roles and responsibilities while at Mickey. All three also report to Gina Huffman, Accounting, Payroll & Benefits Manager, who says they possess another common trait, this the most important. ?Susan, Cyndi and Heather all have the desire, dedication and determination that Mickey looks for in all its employees,? according to Gina. ?They?re also very happy in their work.?

They came to Mickey with experience as school teachers, stay-at-home Moms, and insurance agents. At varying times during their working lives they sold jewelry and kept the books for a local family-owned restaurant. Susan even worked at a Mission in Mexico. None of them ever worked for a global manufacturer of specialized truck bodies and trailers, and that doesn?t seem to matter.

?I?ve always felt that no matter what responsibility you have in life, or what type of job you work at, as long as you give it 110% you?ll be rewarded,? says Cyndi, who now works on Mickey?s accounting team and is responsible for all manufacturing invoicing. Four years ago she was giving ?110%? to her job at the restaurant, ?and that?s how I got a start here at Mickey. I hope one day, as a single mother, my kids will respect how far I?ve come.?

Susan, meanwhile, has come pretty far herself, both professionally and geographically. After graduating from High Point University she spent a year as a home school teacher with the International Mission Board of Southern Baptists in Aguascalientes, Mexico. ?I lived above a Mexican family,? she notes. ?I loved it and learned so much about life. I was a very sheltered child, but when God calls you, he always knows what he?s doing.?

When she returned to the U.S., Susan worked as an Industrial Staffing Consultant before joining Mickey?s van body team, and also filled in on the company’s front desk from time to time. Since 2011 she?s been the full-time Accounts Payable Clerk on the accounting team.

?I majored in Psychology and never thought I would be a good fit for an accounting position, but Mickey has given me the opportunity to mature and grow in this direction, and I love it,? says Susan. ?My favorite part of the job is working with our vendors. Some vendors give us a discount if we pay them within 10 days. It?s challenging, exciting and rewarding to help Mickey save money.?

Heather joined Mickey in 2013 after stints selling insurance and jewelry, and working as a preschool teacher. She started as a Receptionist and helped out with invoicing, and since last November has been working full-time in Payroll/HR.

?Mickey has been a great place to work,? she says. ?The people are nice, I have a great boss, and there?s always an opportunity to move up the ladder.?

Like Susan and Heather, Cyndi feels ?blessed to be part of the Mickey family. As soon as I tell people I work for Mickey Truck Bodies ? whether I?m in the grocery store or at my son?s ball game ? they say it?s such an awesome company. My 13-year old son likes to point out the trucks we see on the road that have the Mickey logo, and tells anybody who is listening, ?That?s where mommy works.? I knew the first day I started at Mickey how much everyone here is family. How many people do you know who go into work with their family? I?m very excited to see what the future holds here at Mickey as we grow.?

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