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Mickey Truck Bodies introduces Mickey Fleet Services

HIGH POINT, NC — APRIL 17, 2019 – For over 35 years Mickey Truck Bodies has provided high-quality repair and refurbishing services for commercial fleets throughout the U.S.

“We continue to expand into all aspects of fleet services, including reconditions, repairs, upfits, overhauls and sales – no job is too large or too small, and virtually all transportation equipment falls within our experience and expertise,” says Mike Tucker, Mickey Truck Bodies’ President & CEO. “Now we are introducing Mickey Fleet Services – a one-stop fleet services company, under the Mickey Truck Bodies umbrella, dedicated to helping our customers keep their fleets on the road, looking great and making money.”

Mickey Fleet Services operates company-owned Regional Centers in NC, IL, FL and NJ. The Centers are staffed by experienced technicians and mechanics. In addition to the company-owned Centers, Mickey has partnered with authorized repair facilities from coast to coast. Mickey Truck Bodies also owns and operates a 20,000-sq-ft liftgate installation plant with 15 bays at its manufacturing complex in High Point, NC.

“For 115 years, Mickey Truck Bodies has been the most trusted family brand in the truck body and trailer business. Now, with Mickey Fleet Services, customers can count on us for even more,” says Tucker.

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Repair pro is pro AEV/Mickey … period

An AEV ambulance body … “the most structurally sound in the industry, by far.”

Joe Sebbio, the owner of Salem, OH-based Mobile Automotive Repair Service, has successfully repaired so many ambulances over the past 40 years he can hardly keep track. But the unit he was most impressed with was one that could not be repaired.

It was a 1997 AEV mobile intensive care unit upfitted from a Mickey Truck Bodies module and mounted on a Freightliner FL60. The vehicle rolled over taking a curve at a high rate of speed while on route to a patient pick-up. The unit was still on its roof when Joe arrived at the scene.

The insurance company “totaled” the vehicle “due to the extensive damage to the chassis. It was twisted beyond practical repair,” Joe explains. “When the truck was righted, I had the opportunity to inspect it thoroughly and was truly amazed to find that every door on the body opened as though no accident had occurred. They weren’t even out of square.”

After completely removing all interior cabinetry, flooring and wiring, Joe found “only two broken welds,” both in the left rear upper corner where the module first struck the ground. The body was still perfectly mounted to the chassis. “I’ve seen other ambulance brands that have met the same fate and looked as though there had been an explosion in the module. Some of those brands actually had the module body glued and screwed together. An AEV ambulance body built by Mickey is, in my opinion, absolutely the best designed, constructed and longest lasting in the industry … period. I’ve serviced more than 16 different brands of ambulances and none of those have come anywhere near the build quality of AEV and Mickey. It speaks to excellent partnership between these two companies. They never lock horns in engineering. They work together to build a great product for the customer, whether the order is for a single unit or an entire fleet.”

The quality of the rolled-over unit is no fluke, Joe stresses. He currently maintains a near-identical 2000 AEV/Mickey/Freightliner FL60 ambulance with 311,000 miles. “The body is nearly as tight as it was when it was new,” he says. “There has never been an alignment problem with any of the doors, no broken welds and the paint is even in excellent condition considering the damaging liquid brine and salt used on the Ohio roads in winter. AEV emergency vehicles are the most structurally sound in the industry, by far.”

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Moving truck ‘beautiful’ again after repairs

Rear door frame before and after the Mickey touch.

Like all agents for North American Van Lines, Bloomington Relocation Systems (BRS), an award-winning central Illinois moving company, has a reputation for delivering “what we promise: a smooth, easy, personalized moving experience. “We take our commitments very seriously,” says Kelly Lembke, BRS President.

So, it makes sense that the company would trust all its aftermarket service and repair work to the Mickey Fleet Services Center in Bloomington, IL.

“They consistently do a nice job for us, they are dependable,” says Kelly. “We have all of the trailers we buy go into their shop for a repaint and a facelift before they even go in service.”

Recently one of the BRS moving trucks was “topped off’ under an overpass, causing significant damage to the rear door frame, roof rails and roof bows, and roof.

“They did what they promised, and it’s a beautiful job,” says Kelly. “You cannot tell what happened to the truck at all.”

“The collision took out half the truck’s roof rail and clipped the rear door frame,” explains Mike Parker, General Manager of Mickey’s Midwest Fleet Services Center in Bloomington. “It was a major repair, including new paint and decals. It was important to Kelly that she get her truck back in operation as soon as possible, and that it upheld its professional North American Van Lines brand image. That made it important to us.”

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Samaritan’s Purse chooses Mickey to aid in disasters

Samaritan’s Purse body by Mickey.

When disaster strikes, it’s always comforting – and sometimes lifesaving – to have a Good Samaritan nearby. Eighteen times last year Samaritan’s Purse, a nondenominational evangelical Christian organization based in Boone, NC, was on the scene providing spiritual and physical aid to victims of various natural disasters, such as hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, ice storms and wildfires.

Samaritan’s Purse mobile disaster recovery teams and equipment are strategically placed at partner support churches throughout the nation so they can respond quickly and efficiently to natural disasters. “We want to reach the people who need help as quickly as possible and get them cleaned up, back on their feet and back into their homes,” says Luther Harrison, Vice President of Samaritan’s Purse North American Ministries.

Hurricane Michael, a Category 4 storm that devastated the Florida Panhandle last October, was the first time a Mickey van body was deployed by a Samaritan’s Purse disaster recovery team. The organization took delivery on 20 of the Mickey units last year and has 20 more in the pipeline. Before the Mickey units, Samaritan’s Purse rented vans from local dealers. “Now were deploying trucks with our own brand in full display and fully upfitted and equipped with the tools we need to get to work,” says Luther, singling out generators, tarps, chain saws, shovels as some of the necessities for disaster recovery efforts. “All of our spending is with donated funds, and the rentals were a significant amount of money. Rental companies don’t discount. Forrest worked with us in our competitive bidding process so that we could purchase our own bodies. Any of our volunteers who have their hands on one of our trucks know that they have, in some way, helped in the relief effort.”

[Forrest Howard is Mickey Truck Bodies’ Van Sales Account Manager. Samaritan’s Purse is required to solicit three bids prior to making a purchase.)

The Samaritan’s Purse 12-ft Mickey bodies are mounted on Ford Transit 350s with four tires on the rear axle, two on each side. The customer designed a special “walk-up” bumper that enables the volunteers to lift heavy items out of the back without having to lean over a conventional step bumper, Forrest explains. A synthetic floor with drain holes, custom-formed scuff liners and Kemply walls allow for the inside of the body to be easily cleaned following disaster recovery. The bodies are upfitted with undermount stainless toolboxes help to keep fuel and other combustible items separate.

“We’re looking forward to these trucks lasting a long time,” says Luther. “We’re happy to be working with Mickey – another North Carolina company. We know they’ll be close by if we need them.”

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Greg Spainhour hits 40-year Mickey mark

Greg Spainhour (left) is congratulated by Dean Sink, Executive Chairman

Greg Spainhour (Beverage) became the newest member of the Mickey Truck Bodies 40-year club when he celebrated that anniversary milestone on February 2, 2019. He joins Debbie Deal (Sales), Rocky Barham (Parts), Mike Rabon, Sr, (Beverage) and Michael Johnston (Costing) in the prestigious group.

“All of our highly tenured teammates have exhibited the same outstanding work habits over the years,” says Matt Sink, Executive Vice President, Safety & Quality. “They are dedicated to the Mickey tenets of safety, quality and productivity, and they always go the extra mile to make sure things get done correctly. Every day.”

Twenty-six percent of Mickey’s 400-plus full-time teammates have been with the company for at least 10 years. Thirteen percent of the entire Mickey team has been with the company for at least 20 years.

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Mickey team ‘unites’ for great cause

Joe Barnes (l), United Way High Point, presents 2018 “Spirit of North Carolina” award for “campaign excellence” to Mickey’s Steven Proctor (c) and Matt Sink. From 2013 to 2018 the Mickey team contributed over $723,000 to United Way. During each of the 6 years there was a 100% participation rate among the Mickey team in High Point. Mickey is the only manufacturing company in the 90-year history of the United Way of Greater High Point to achieve a 100% employee participation rate for 6 straight years, according to Joe Barnes.

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On the road with Mickey/Roush

The Mickey van body on a Ford chassis with Roush CleanTech’s “Low Nox” propane system made the rounds on the Spring ’19 convention circuit, appearing at BevOps in Las Vegas, NTEA in Indianapolis and the Western Propane Gas Association’s “Propane Day” in Sacramento. ROUSH CleanTech and Mickey Truck Bodies have collaborated on a range of propane-powered trucks for many different customers across several industries.

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Tucker’s Takes: What’s in a name?

By Mike Tucker, President, Mickey Truck Bodies

Mike Tucker

If you are reading The Mickey Spirit from top to bottom, then you know by now that we have changed the name of our Reconditioning & Service business to Mickey Fleet Services. What’s in a name? you may ask. Everything. And by everything, we mean every aftermarket service we offer our customers.

When we started in the repair business some 40 years ago, we focused on restoring and refurbishing beverage bodies and trailers, mostly sideloaders. That’s what we built, that’s what we knew. But just as our manufacturing expertise and diversity has expanded significantly over the years, so too have the aftermarket services we provide. Today our regional centers repair, refurbish, upfit, install liftgates, paint, remove and apply decals. We do body work, brake repairs, bulk trailer cut downs, chassis modifications. We sell parts for any make and model. We are handling fire trucks, construction equipment, buses, emergency vehicles, food trucks, furniture bodies, sanitation equipment and many types of van upfits and van conversions. And, of course, we can still make your 15-year-old beverage sideloader look and work like new.

We are Mickey Fleet Services. All fleet services.

On a final note, congratulations to Greg Spainhour, our latest teammate to celebrate a 40-year anniversary working at Mickey. Forty years is an incredibly long time to work at the same company. That kind of loyalty speaks to two facts: 1. Greg Spainhour is an outstanding employee; and 2. Mickey Truck Bodies is an outstanding company to work for.

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‘Outstanding growth’ means new talent, new ideas, and new adventures

Photo caption: Dean Sink, Chairman (l), with Mickey’s 40-year vets (from left): Debbie Deal, Michael Rabon, Sr., Mike Johnston, Rocky Barham

JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2019 – At Mickey’s 2018 year-end companywide luncheon, Chairman Dean Sink stood before a crowded room and told his teammates: “I see many faces out there who have been with our company foryears – 10 years, 20 years, 30 years and 40 years. But I also see plenty of new faces out there. Whether you have been here for 40 years or 1 year, you all have an opportunity to make a difference. A difference in our employee safety; in our product and service quality. A difference in our productivity. You are all part of our continuous improvement process.”

Dean told his teammates that the experienced Mickey veterans and new teammates have combined to create an environment of “tremendous knowledge sharing. We’re seeing many fresh ideas as well as ways to enhance and improve our existing ideas and processes. In that environment everybody benefits – our Mickey team, our customers and our suppliers. He pointed out that Mickey’s President/CEO, its head of engineering and its head of manufacturing have all been with the company for two years or less. “And they are all making significant contributions.”

Over 36% of Mickey’s 400-plus full-time teammates have been with the company for less than 2 years, while 26% have at least 10 years of Mickey service. Thirteen percent of the entire Mickey team has been with the company for at least 20 years.

Celebrating 30 years (from left): Dean Sink, Rex Cook, Brent Barricks, Ricky Bean, Herb White, Carl Mickey.

“We are a great company to work for that is experiencing outstanding growth,” said Dean. “People want to work at Mickey Truck Bodies, and once they’re here, they want to stay. This becomes their home. We are never going to worry about being the biggest, just about being the best. We will do that by sticking to our top 3 priorities —- safety, quality and productivity.”

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